A roof helps protect you from harsh weather while giving the exterior of your house a beautiful appearance. However, lack of proper maintenance or severe weather may damage your roof, leaving your family and home vulnerable. If your home’s roof shows signs of wear or is leaking, you should call residential roof repair experts.

Why Are Roof Repairs Necessary?

The roof is the primary barrier between the elements and you. This is reason enough why it should be in good condition at all times.
Wide temperature swings, high winds, and summer storms can cause slow or immediate damage. However, when there isn’t considerable damage that causes leaks and holes in your roof, it may be difficult to notice wear and tear.

Therefore, to ensure you notice small roofing concerns before they affect the structural integrity of your home, you will need built up roofing experts to conduct an inspection at least twice a year. This inspection checks for fastener corrosion and flashing, improper sealing, damaged or missing shingles, among other issues.
But how else can you know that your roof needs to be repaired if no signs of leaking are visible and you have not had inspections done in a while?

Signs Your Roof Is in Need of Repairs

Damaged Shingles
If the shingles on the roof of your home are wet, cracked, or curled, it is a problem. It means they can no longer provide the protection that your family deserves and are near the end of their lifespan. Missing roof shingles are also a sign that your roof needs to be repaired, so ensure that you get a professional to do the repairs for you.
Wear and Tear
Any deterioration around openings like your pipes, vents, and chimneys is a sign that the roof needs to be repaired by roofing experts.
Higher Energy Bills
A significant increase in your cooling or heating bills may have been brought about by conditioned air escaping through your roof. To avoid paying high bills, contract the services of licensed and experienced roofing experts to repair your roof.
Sagging decking or rafters may be a result of moisture damage. This issue must be addressed by residential roof repair experts as soon as possible to avoid the need to replace your roof altogether.
Water stains on your ceiling
If you notice any new and unexplained stains caused by water on your ceiling, your roof may need to be repaired. Failure to repair your roof will only allow these stains to become larger in the short term. In the long term, you may need to contract a roof installation expert to replace your roof once the damage is irreversible.
Water dripping from the ceiling
If water drips from your ceiling when it rains, it is a sign that your roof needs to be repaired. Avoiding this repair in the short term to save money will cause bigger problems in the future.
For instance, if your roof is supported by wooden beams, they may rot and collapse if the roof is left unrepaired for a couple of years. This means that you will have to pay for a roof installation, which costs more money than repairs.
Moisture build-up
If you’ve noticed a build-up of moisture in your attic, then you need to get your roof inspected and have any needed repairs done. This also applies if you’ve noticed increasing condensation on the interior windows of your house.
Visible mold growth
Mold or algae growing in your house or on your roof indicates a potential problem with your roof. Mold is harmful to people, especially children. Therefore, you should ensure that the issue is handled by experts to prevent it from re-occurring or worsening.

How is a Roof Repaired?

Once you call Philips roofing experts after noticing an issue with your roof, they will first inspect it. When the inspection is complete, the repair experts will formulate a plan to repair the issues in the most efficient and quickest way possible, within your budget.

How Can You Calculate the Cost of Roof Repairs?

Every project built up roofing experts complete is unique. They may require different materials and services and have different timelines. This means that the cost to repair one’s roof may vary, which you should keep in mind.

Before contracting the services of a particular roof repair contractor, do your own research and look at reviews of the work they’ve done. You can also look for companies that offer free estimates for roof repairs and find one that’s within your budget.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that not repairing issues with your roof in order to save money may cause bigger problems, which will require even more money to fix. Contact Philip’s Roofing if you have questions about the condition of the roof over your home. Our experienced team is waiting to help!