The cost of a roof replacement will depend on a number of factors — not just on its type and style. Labor plays a major role in your roof’s final cost, which can vary from one roofing system to another. Some types of roofing is harder to install than others, so you can expect to pay more in labor. The pitch and shape of the roof will also affect labor costs. If it has a very steep slope, has a lot of curves, or changes in angle, the installation process will be more complex. So, you should also expect higher labor costs.

Regardless of the type of roof you want to have installed, the procedure is about the same. The existing materials (which also include the flashing and underlayment) are taken off until all that’s left is the roof deck. Once everything has been stripped, the deck is examined. And if the roofer believes it’s necessary, it will be repaired or replaced. Once the deck has been secured, the underlayment and shingles are installed.