Shingle Roofing offers high-quality protection at an affordable cost, making it a popular option in
the roofing industry. Shingles remain a top choice in the market as they can be fitted to almost
any home or design, and are available in different colors, sizes, and types of material. Different
types of shingles can offer stronger weather protection and aesthetics to your home.

Types of Shingles:
Wood Shingles can give your home a distinguished look, and provides great protection against
harsh weather such as heavy winds or storms.
Fiberglass Shingles offer one of the best protections against fire and moisture, making them
longer-lasting against humid conditions.
Asphalt Shingles remain one the top choices for roofing with qualities such as resilient weather
protection, fire resistance, and overall durability at a low-cost value.

Benefits of Shingle Roofing:
Affordability– Keeping the quality with value! Shingles are considered a great option on the
market with the bonus of lower maintenance costs over their lifetime. Compared to other
materials (such as metal or tile roofing) shingle offers ease of installation, and design
adjustments and repairs are easier to assess and complete.
Resistance to Harsh Weather– Shingle Roofing can withstand high winds and offers a strong
defense against hail or heavy rainfall. Shingles not only provide shelter against storms but can
boost energy efficiency. Keeping your home at comfortable temperatures during the hot and
cold months.
Fire Resistant– While wood shingles are resilient against strong weather conditions, fiberglass
and asphalt shingles will offer more protection against fire incidents.
Aesthetically Versatile– Not only do shingles come in a wide array of design and color options;
but they can also be rearranged to fit any future structural developments to your home design!
Any plans for installing a skylight or chimney will be no issue with shingle roofing.

Come rain or shine, shingles are a great affordable option with quality and durable protection. To
find what shingle options are best for your roofing needs, consult with Philips Roofing in the
Corpus Christi area today!